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The point of departure for the paintings is the works of Hans Hoffman, Josef Albers and Casper David Friedrich. Taking the lessons learned from these artists, the push-pull of color is used to create a transcendental mood of strength and power that people gravitate towards.
The metals are an outgrowth of the larger painting and wall relief sculptures. Part of the challenge of the jewelry is achieving integrity and dignity while working with a reduced scale.
The studio jewelry are one-of-a-kind works. Emphasis is placed on the interrelationship of shapes, lines, textures, and color. Each piece is hand wrought in gold, silver, copper, and enamels. Incorporating techniques pulled from modern to ancient methods, the work is designed to please the eye through balance while still creating a discourse with the viewer. They are small sculptural art forms which speak of a blend between delicate grace and strength as part of self-expression.

The work of Patricia L. Phillips has been featured in numerous solo, two-person and juried group exhibitions throughout the eastern United States including six one-person shows in New-York City. One of the shows at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in NY was given a favorable review in Art News. Ms. Phillips holds a Masters of Fine Art from Florida State University with a focus on painting and sculpture. Patricia served on the Florida Arts Counsel and has appeared as a guest speaker for them. She has participated on the Visual Arts Center of Panama City Board of Directors and served as Exhibition Chairman for five years.

She has judged and juried numerous select art shows in Florida. While her work focuses on jewelry, painting and sculpture, she has a diverse background in the crafts and art history. She has taught art history and the crafts including metalsmithing on the college level for sixteen years. She is a participating member of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths.

She is happy to share her understanding and excitement for the arts with others.

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